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ZMBE mapping guide lines for 1.2e / Map conversion guide


Zombie Master: Black Edition
Mapping guidelines
written by fifi
As of Public Release 1.2
Only use the zombiemaster.fgd found in the ZMBE folder.

1. The Mod makes use of the same functionality of existing HL2 and ZM-specific entities.
Refer to this guide for ZM specific guidelines:

2. Weapon considerations

Some of the new weapons use the same entity names in order to allow backwards support for
existing maps.

weapon_zm_pistol = Colt1911
weapon_zm_mac10 = TEC9
weapon_zm_Shotgun = Remington Shotgun
weapon_zm_rifle = SKS

These weapons are using new entities:

weapon_zm_baikal = Sawn-off Baikal Shotgun
weapon_zm_baikallong = Baikal Shotgun
weapon_zm_mossberg = Mossberg 500
weapon_zm_winchester = Winchester 73
All weapons use their matching counterpart ammo (i.e. 357 ammo is used for SKS, all shotguns use buckshot).

The following weapons have been removed from ZMBE without replacement:


If a map tries to load these, they will simply not appear.

3. Zombies

Zombie Spawns
Like the weapons, the zombies match existing entity names.

"Zombie" = Shambler
Blob = Banshee
Wobbler = Hulk

There are no replacement zombies for the drifter and the immolator. These have been removed from all spawn menus.
However they might still appear if spawned by a trap. But their effectivity is greatly reduced because their stats
(health, damage etc) were not "refitted" to ZMBE.

New in 1.2:
Blobs now only spawn when hiddenspawned. They are completely removed from every normal spawn point.

4. Map design considerations

- Keep zombies spawns away from direct contact with players. Due to the extreme damage capabilities, any zombie spawning
directly on "top" of a player means instant death.

- Give out plenty of low grade weapons and ammo. Since melee is extremly... uncomfortable for players now, make sure they
get enough pistols and ammo for basic defense.

- Keep all zombie spawn flags at 0 (= every type spawnable)

- Weapon damage is increased by 2x-5x compared to stock ZM weapons. Keep this in mind when designing "delaying" obstacles.

- Do not use the Immolator and/or Drifters in any custom spawns. We left them in functional with a fallback model in order to not change the balance of old maps still using them.

- It is advised to give the ZM some extra money at the start of the map (via logic_auto + func_giveresources). This is important for games will low player numbers. Recommended amount is 400.


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