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Official weapon suggestion thread

Post your weapon suggestions for ZMBE. Firearms are preferred.

The ABC list - Planned weapons
"A" list - Things that are high priority and must be complete for the first release.
"B" list - High priority but not necessarily in 2.0. They might however be in a further version.
"C" list - Things I would like to have in the game but I am not sure of wether to add in.

- Makarov pistol
- 1897 shotgun
- Fists

- Automatic weapons
- Melee weapons
- Single-action revolvers
- Bolt-action rifles

- Different ammo types for all firearms (armor-piercing / hollow-point)
- Different reliability levels for weapons

Seeing how this forum is pretty dead, and here's to hoping the mod is still alive, I have a suggestion for a weapon.

The Mosin Nagant or similar bolt action rifle. Something with enough power and accuracy to effectively support other players without the splatter damage of shotguns on a friendly fire server.

A mosing is a very good choice, bolt action rifles are high on our wishlist anyway, next to a very large revolver.

--- Quote ---Seeing how this forum is pretty dead, and here's to hoping the mod is still alive
--- End quote ---
This place is a bit empty now, because the forum is only a few days old. Should pick up again when we start showing off some of the new things for the next version.

A large revolver would also be great, though if I were using it the only thing I could really think of would probably be Dirty Hairy hah.

Something else, while neat but rare in the real world, a broom handle Mauser

Nothing like a pistol in the 7.63x25mm range  ;D

Molotov Cocktails

What else can really be said about that? hah

But really, this is mostly to go with my idea of the Huge Blob. After all you need some kind of counter to something that really shouldn't die to bullet damage.


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