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Gun jam probability poll

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The official gun jamming poll
How often would you like to have your gun jam?

I'd say 0.0015% but there is no option for that. Something in between 1/500 and 1/1000 shots seems decent. Because the possibility is still there and can cause some fear but to have it jam everytime you unload all your ammo you carry with you is just a bit too much. You are going for realism and having them jam that quick all the time is not part of realism.

This would have to be very dependent on the weapon. A revolver never jamming or a Tec (From personal experience) jamming a crap ton. If this would be hard to script in as you already have a jamming system implemented just needing a percentage, I would have to say 1 and 500 chance.

The system is easy to adjust "per-weapon" so more reliable weapons can have different probabilities.

Quentin White:
Are you planing more kinds of same weapon? Like:
Rusty makarov, New makarov,  Worn-out makarov,...

More kinds of same weapon mean more realism in maps (Weapon found in old barn will be definitely worse then new weapon from gun shop.)


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