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Server banning.


I was on the only ZMBE server i can get on with Players named:Jaxx, Dally ,Super And a user called [NCG] Big Smoke [Music]

[NCG] Big Smoke has been harassing Jaxx about his life and playing inappropriate "Songs" and over all making the game play unenjoyable dally and super both agree with his temp ban/ban So i made this request for his banning of any type we have repetively told him to stop he has ignored us and told us to quote "fuck off and stick a dick in your cock sucking mouth" I wish to see the community of this game react and make this game enjoyable to the users like me and jaxx and dally and super. if you need to contact me i get on steam daily but at an unfortunate time frame i will be at a summer camp for a week leaveing tomorrow my steam user name is thus: Cpl Icrus SWAT team 402 the picture is of a soldier with a machine gun so you know what one is me.
Thank you for your time previous Moderator of one other community~Looku20,IT-402,Dragonlo6. if you need to contact me while im gone leave me a message ill get back to you as soon as i get back. If you go through my friends list there should be a person named Super German. She can confirmed what i have said.

(Sorry for the lack of good spelling and grammar i was in a hurry and am half asleep my apolgise.)

Forgive me on past accounts i remembered how frustrating it is when some one says where something happened but not exactly like what server or such so i relised  i had done exactly this so here the servers IP:


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