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Milk Carton Patches

BETA 1.1
Gameplay changes
-Changed heavy barrel stats (-3rec, was -1rec)
-Removed accuracy penalty for glaser ammo
-Added + AP level to armor piercind ammo, P++ rounds, certain larger calibers
-Decreased armor cost (300/600 was 500/1000)
-Increase recoil penalty for standard frame (+1rec)         
-Added suppressors
-Lowered special ammo cost (20-30%)
-Increased .22 damage to 16 (was 8)
-Added accuracy bonus to match grade ammo, also increased cost
-Increased accuracy resolution to 5 levels (was 3)
-Decreased rate of fire for standard frame
-Decreased heavy frame cost (-100$)
-Fixed magazine upgrade cost (buy menu accidently calculated 2x of the price listed)
-Fixed audio bug (weapon sounds from other players now play correctly)                  
-Fixed glaser HP modifier not working (thx Lordguy)
-Fixed player speed not being set properly after switching from crowbar to GSPistol (thx braindawg)

(Not released, this list will get larger as I add more to it)

[NEW]   -Hit indicator. Shows what your last shot hit (damage, distance, bodypart)
[NEW]   -Death indicator. Shows what killed you (type of ammo used)
[NEW]   -Fall damage. Very increased. Falling from 3m+ will seriously hurt and 6m+ will kill you.

Updated changelog.


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